shot selection


OK, OK, OK! I’ll weigh in on the two most recent examples of one of the hallmarks of shot selection, risk versus reward, but before I do, please understand that my view on these very high profile examples is strictly a personal one. Example #1 occurred in the Brier 1v2 game when in the last end, with a two point lead, Glenn Howard choose to put the game on the line by attempting a high risk double takeout. He missed, rubbing

Don’t Be Predictable!

It’s draw #2 at the 2013 Brier in Edmonton. Team AB is in the 9th end of a game versus Team QC. with Team QC skipped by JM Menard, up one with last stone advantage over the hometown quartet skipped by Edmonton’s iconic skip, Kevin Martin. Cathy Gautier (TSN) just commented that Team AB is not sure what Team QC will do in this end. Had AB’s opponent been Glenn Howard, they’d know exactly what they would do but JM

The strategy/tactics answer – asking the right questions

No single thing inspires more debate in curling lounges all across this land than STRATEGY! We know that games are won – and lost – on our good and not-so-good decisions. We also know that execution and tactics play a significant role in all strategy on the frozen sheet. But how often do we stop and ask ourselves if are we asking the right questions when it comes to our strategic maneuvers? We know from High Performance camps and