Pampered Ice

No you would not! You might “think” you’d like to play on “championship ice” but as a recreational curler, even though you could strike it from your “bucket list”, I can just about guarantee that your performance will be less than satisfying. Championship ice (aka “pampered ice”) may be cold & damp just like the ice in your curling facility but that’s where the two surfaces part company. The two buildings are vastly different (does your curling facility seat 15000 spectators?),

The Paint Can & the Screw Driver

In our consumer society, we seem to have a tool for most everything! Tools are very specialized. I’m a wood turner, just an amateur, but I love working on my lathe. I can’t believe the array of turning tools I’ve accumulated over the years! In the early years of my wood turning addiction, I used one “scraper” to produce most of the projects I turned out (sorry ’bout that) with varying degrees of success until I found out that it’s