Pre-game practice


In the last blog, I referred to a “pre-event” activity my national senior teams employ at the World Senior Curling Championships for the pre-event practice (an opportunity to use each sheet for 15 min. the day prior to the event) and in the evening (when sheets of ice are available to countries wishing to practise in preparation for the next day’s games). Canada always practises in the evening! Whether it’s the pre-event practice or the evening practice, the goal is the

Pre-Game & Pre-Event On Ice Practice/Warm Up

Recreational curlers seeing the title of today’s post might cast a wandering eye regarding the relevance it might have for them. In purely recreational leagues, it’s arrive at the curling venue, change into your gear, greet your teammates, step onto the ice and “game on”! Bless your heart. You’re what curling is all about, the pure joy of delivering granite stones up and down a sheet of ice, enjoying the camaraderie of club mates then heading home knowing you’ve participated