The Ontario Curling Council (OCC) is responsible for Para-sport programming and some Para-sport competitions within the province, and is committed to working with its member associations, multi-sport Para Organizations, and Curling Canada to enhance the development of Ontario wheelchair curling athletes and coaches.

Wheelchair development camps and clinics will be hosted as funding opportunities exist.  Efforts will be made to provide coaching support to talent identified teams/athletes to increase the number of Ontario athletes competing within Curling Canada’s National Team Program.

The OCC hosted a  Wheelchair High Performance Camp in August 2016, through a grant received from the Canadian Paralympic Committee.

Wheelchair Curling - Competitions

The Ontario Curling Council recognizes the need for additional competitive opportunities for Para athletes and as a result will host Wheelchair Curling as part of:

In addition, the Ontario Curling Council has assumed responsibility for the Cathy Kerr International Wheelchair Bonspiel – this training event is an important development tool for our Ontario based teams.  The event runs annually in Ottawa in November.

Individuals interested in trying wheelchair curling are recommended to contact the Ontario Curling Council ( to receive information about wheelchair accessible clubs, qualified coaches and programs in your area.

Each of our member associations will continue to host their provincial Wheelchair Curling Championships; click on the association logos below to view the competition details for your association:

Visually-impaired Curling

The Ontario Curling Council has recently started working with the Ontario Blind Curling Association, in an effort to include Visually-impaired curlers in some of our para-competitions.  Visually-impaired Curling differs little from regular curling – there are four players, but the team benefits from the use of a designated sweeper, and a guide to help line up the curlers and communicate the shots called by the skip.  Each event follows a classification system for the visual acuity of the team.

Visually-impaired Curling will be included at the ParaSport Winter Games in Brantford in February 2017.

Stick Curling

Many Active-for-Life curlers are able to continue to participate in the sport of curling with the use of the “stick.”  The Ontario Curling Council’s member associations, the OCA and the NOCA have embraced stick curling and permit its use in many of their competitions. Check for specific event rules published with each competition.

Other “Stick” Programs and Competitions

OCC Strategic Priorities for ParaCurling

  • Provide additional development programming;
  • Gain entry into the Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative;
  • Create an innovative, fair and winning qualification system for Ontario ParaSport Winter Games;
  • Provide more competitive opportunities for Para athletes;
  • Train more Wheelchair Curling coaches.