Officials Practical Experience

Certification for Level 1 Officials

There are three required components that candidates must have in order to become fully certified Level 1 Curling Officials.

Ontario – Level 1 Officials Certification = Training + Practical + Valid Criminal Record Check

  1.  Training consists of a single day workshop delivered by the Ontario Curling Council at various times and dates throughout the curling season. 
  2. Practical experience must be attained and recorded on the following downloadable form.
  • 3 Games Timed under a Level 3 Certified Officials
  • 2 Days of Job-shadowing an Officiated U18/U21 Event.

Level 1 Officiating Practical Record

The completed log sheets must then be uploaded at this site.  You will receive a confirmation when you have completed all three components for certification.

Submission of Practical Log

3. Candidates are also required to acquire and maintain their own Criminal Background Checks.  These must be on file with one of our member Associations (CurlON or NOCA).   Background checks can be attained at the following site or done in person with local authorities.

Online Criminal Background Check