Adult Learn to Curl Program

ADLTCThe Ontario Curling Council and its member associations, Curl ON and the Northern Ontario Curling Association – share a mission statement, which is “To promote, develop, and grow curling as a recreational and competitive sport in Ontario.”

We are excited to announce that, through the generous support of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport’s Ontario Sport Recreation Communities Fund (OSRCF), we will focus on growing the sport through the province-wide implementation of an already successful Adult Learn to Curl Program.

This two-year project is focused on growing the sport of curling with our curling clubs, through optimal use of the Curling Canada’s highly successful Adult Learn to Curl Program.  Our plan is to train approximately 24 Instructor Trainers across the province, who will run 12-15 Regional Training sessions for an expected participation of 75-100 curling clubs. At these Regional Training Sessions, each participating club will send a minimum of two people to be trained as Club Trainers, the on-ice trainers who will teach the game to new curlers.  We will teach the Club Trainers the optimal way to run a Learn to Curl Program, while at the same time working with the curling clubs to develop the business model to support the program.  In addition, we will teach clubs how to run successful Membership Recruitment Events or Open House Events to get people in the door, provide them a brilliant first experience, and get them signed up for a Learn to Curl program.

Our goal is to facilitate 100 Adult Learn to Curl Leagues, running with club trainers who have been trained through this program.

Program Overview:

This comprehensive program is designed to attract new curlers, train them and retain them as long term members.  People are more likely to keep playing the sport if it is fun, reasonably priced, and they master the technique quickly.  Unlike traditional one-day clinics, this program helps entry level and novice curlers become progressively better through continued weekly instruction by trained instructors.

Enrollment in the Ontario Curling Council’s Adult Learn to Curl Program provides clubs not only with a comprehensive Adult Learn to Curl Program Guide, but an extensive list of value-added Tools and Resources to enable clubs to focus on, and be successful at, recruitment and membership.

Tools and Resources included in this program are:

  • Adult Learn to Curl Program Guide
  • A Regional Training Session for two ALTC Club Trainers who will teach the ALTC program
  • An Informational Training Webinar for one club member dedicated to supporting membership growth through the ALTC Program
  • Access to digital media / video / webinars in support of the Adult Learn to Curl Program
  • Program support of:
    • How to recruit new members
    • How to recruit and retain volunteers
    • How to maximize the “First Experience”
    • How to leverage Social Media
  • Adult and Youth Learn to Curl brochures
  • Adult and Youth Learn to Curl flyers
  • And so much more…

CLUB REGISTRATION – to participate in this program your CLUB must be enrolled.


Registered clubs can send participants to a Train the Trainer Workshop…

Train the Trainer Workshops

DateLocationTrain the Trainer Registration
Sunday, October 15, 2017Milton Curling ClubRegister for Milton Curling Training
Saturday, October 28, 2107Copper Cliff Curling ClubRegister for the Copper Cliff Train the Trainer Session
Saturday, October 28, 2017Weston Golf and Country ClubRegister for Weston Golf and Country Club Train the Trainer
Saturday, November 4, 2017Land O Lakes Curling ClubRegister for Land O Lakes Train the Trainer.
Saturday, November 11, 2017Kincardine Curling ClubClick on the Green "Tickets" button to register.
Sunday, November 12, 2017Ingersoll Curling ClubRegister for the Ingersoll Training
Saturday, November 25, 2017Geraldton Curling ClubRegister for Geraldton Train the Trainer Session
Sunday, December 3, 2017Kenora Curling ClubRegister for Kenora ALTC Train the Trainer event
Saturday, January 20, 2018 - 9:00 am- 4:00 pmGalt Country ClubRegister for ALTC at Galt Country Club



Have Questions? Contact our Program Coordinator, Byron Scott, at

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