Charitable Tax Receipting Program

National Sport Trust FundThe Ontario Curling Council and its members Curl ON (Ontario Curling Association) and the Northern Ontario Curling Association (NOCA) endorse the use of the National Sport Trust Fund – Ontario as a revenue generating program for member clubs for which a charitable tax receipt can be provided for qualifying donations.  

About the Program

The National Sport Trust Fund (NSTF) is a philanthropic gift-giving program established through the Canadian Council of Provincial and Territorial Sport Federations (CCP&TSF) for the development of amateur sport on a national level. The CCP&TSF is a Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association (RCAAA) with the Canada Revenue Agency.

SPORT4ONTARIO (S4O) a member of the CCP&TSF has been authorized to act as the Ontario Branch of the NSTF and is the provincial fund manager for all donations made to amateur sport in Ontario which operates as the National Sport Trust Fund-Ontario (NSTF-Ontario)

Through the operation of this program NSTF-Ontario is able to issue official tax receipts for all qualifying donations.   This initiative permits Provincial Sport Organizations/Multi Sport Organizations (PSO/MSO’s) and their members to establish revenue generation programs for which a charitable tax receipt can be provided for qualifying donations.  Donations will be made to the NSTF-Ontario and then made available to the individual organizations on a quarterly basis.

Affiliated/member curling clubs of either Curl ON (Ontario Curling Association) or the Northern Ontario Curling Association are member clubs of the Ontario Curling Council, recognized Provincial Sport Organization, for curling in Ontario.  The Ontario Curling Council is a member of SPORT4ONTARIO, therefore member curling clubs may benefit from this program.

In order to participate in the NSTF–Ontario, Sport Organizations must adhere to specific Guidelines and Procedures


If your club or organization has specific fundraising projects, you can apply to the National Sport Trust Fund–Ontario.

Gifts (Donation of a Gift in kind) may also be eligible for a tax receipt.

You can raise funds through collection of donations at your own pace or through an event – like Bonspiels, Golf Tournaments, Charity Dinners, etc.   Clubs must follow the instructions contained within guidelines and procedures manual. 

Fundraising for a project CAN NOT happen until the project has been approved.

To qualify your Club must: 

  • Be a current registered member of the Ontario Curling Council (Clubs are members of the Ontario Curling Council when they are members of Curl ON (Ontario Curling Association) or the Northern Ontario Curling Association
  • Approval by motion by your Club’s Board of Directors to participate in the National Sport Trust Fund. Sample Motion
  • Establish a ’cause’ and ‘annual program goals.

Projects like infrastructure improvement, support to programming, and acquisition of new equipment are all examples of projects that are already being funded through the NSTF-Ontario.  Your application will be reviewed by a Selection Committee.

How the Program Works:

  • Eligible Clubs complete the NSTF-Ontario – Fundraising Project Application Form and pay a $50.00 application fee to NSTF-Ontario.
  • NSTF-Ontario activities:
    • Project is reviewed by a Selection Committee
    • Project and club are endorsed by the Ontario Curling Council
    • Project is assigned a project number and project is added to list of approved projects by the NSTF–Ontario.
  • Clubs can actively fund raise – donations made online – Donors specify the project number they wish their donation to be directed towards. Donors receive a tax receipt immediately (or upon receipt of their cheque).
  • When a donation is received – Designated Fund Manager at the club receives notification.
  • Club receives Quarterly Summaries of donations received. A club can then request the payout of their donations after the quarterly summary has been generated.  Note:  Additional report fees may be charged if a club asks for reports in excess of the four quarterly reports provided by NSTF-Ontario.

Program Fees

  • NSTF-Ontario fees are $2.00 per tax receipt plus a 4% commission on all donations.

(ex. $100 donation –  ($4.00 commission & $2.00 for tax receipt) = $94.00 directed towards your project)

  • Application fee of $50.00 per project.
  • For project extensions from 1 year to the next, a Renewal fee of $25 per project.
  • Duplicate receipt: $2.00 per receipt.
  • Downloading of database -No charge for a one-time downloading of donor information for a completed project.
  • Charges are applicable for additional downloading requests at $25.00 per request.

Questions about the National Sport Trust Fund – Ontario should be directed to: 

Christopher Lowcock, NSTF-Ontario Fund Manager  (Click to email)

(888) 580-3666.


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