Glenn Paulley

About Glenn Paulley

Glenn Paulley is a consulting coach with the Ontario Curling Council where his specialty is brushing. A coach for the past 16 seasons, in 2016 he coached the Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks varsity men to a national CIS championship. Currently he is the coach of Team Mackenzie Kiemele, a U21 women's team that plays on the OJCT.

Bill Tschirhart earns Coach of the Year honours

Congratulations to Bill Tschirhart who was recently granted Coach of the Year honours from Coaches BC. Bill was awarded Coach of the Year in the International category. The announcement reads: Bill is a NCCP Level 4 curling coach. By leading international coach and instructor seminars as well as contributing articles to major curling periodicals and curling instruction publications, Bill has provided a strong contribution to the

UWO research team surveys curling strategy

Nicole Westlund, a graduate student studying sport psychology in the School of Kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario, along with her supervisor, Professor Craig Hall, are undertaking a study of curling strategy. The goal of the study is to “validate these [strategy] scenarios for use in future research involving varsity athletes”. For the survey, Nicole is soliciting experienced curlers who have played competitively, or in a structured league,

My favourite team drill

“Pickup Sticks”, a drill described in Bill Tschirhart’s Drills to Die For, has become my all-time favourite team drill and in this article I’d like to share some of the reasons why. I was introduced to “Pickup Sticks” by Bill personally at the 2010 Team Glenn Howard Fantasy Curling Camp, where Bill was one of the instructors for the weekend. Since then I’ve used the drill with my bantam, junior, University, and Little

Bill Tschirhart visits the High Performance Centre

This past Tuesday, January 31, former Canadian National Training Centre coach and author Bill Tschirhart gave a two-hour address to the men’s and women’s varsity and junior varsity Golden Hawk curling teams from Wilfrid Laurier University. In his remarks Bill dealt only with “warm side of the glass” issues such as momentum, trust, and discipline, spent several minutes discussing performance goals and his latest blog post on performance benchmarks. Bill’s hard-hitting remarks really resonated

The importance of the preshot routine

Last week, during my own club game, I was reminded in the 3rd end why a preshot routine is critical to a sound curling delivery. With my first stone of the 3rd end, I became distracted while cleaning my stone. Then, rather than placing the stone precisely in front of my hack foot with the correct handle orientation, I had left it straddling the center line. Then I got in the hack as usual, but with the stone in the

The Technique of Brushing

Curling is a team sport; every shot is a team shot. Each shot requires co-operation by all four players: the skip to call the line, the thrower to throw the stone at the broom, and the sweepers to place the stone at exactly the right point on the sheet. But brushing, while being critical to making many shots, is arguably the most under-coached technique in curling. At the Team Glenn Howard fantasy camp in October 2010, attendees were