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Leah Will

Leah has recently finished two years of the Kinesiology and Physical Education program at Wilfrid Laurier University. She has made the decision to transfer schools and pursue a career in nursing with a dream of working as a paediatric nurse at a children’s hospital. Leah has been curling since the age of 5, and despite a recent step back from the game to focus on nursing school, she still remains passionate about the sport. Leah is an Ontario bantam girls provincial champion and a U18 Optimist International silver medalist. Leah has also served as the female players representative on the Ontario Junior Curling Tour for the last two years. 

Being an athlete for many years, Leah realizes the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle to keep at the top of her game. As a student, Leah strives to find a balance between her studies and her fitness and athletic goals to succeed in both aspects of life. She is a certified personal trainer, as well as a health and fitness enthusiast with a blog and fitness page on Instagram to document her progress, provide insight and knowledge on specific topics, and to inspire others to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.  

The Ontario Curling Council is very pleased to syndicate Leah’s articles on our website, and they are re-published here with her permission.

You can contact Leah at, visit her blog at, follow her on Instagram @leahwillfitness or on Twitter @leah_will.

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