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The Ontario Curling Council is offering a Free Agents Listing Service for Individuals, Teams or Coaches to help get connected.

All listings for athletes age 18 or younger must be made by their legal guardian with only the contact information of the guardian being posted.

The OCC will simply post the information provided on the Free Agents Listing forms and will not be involved any further.

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Free Agent NameAge (at time of listing)Birthdate (MM/YY)GenderHometownNumber of Years CurledPreferred PositionLooking to play recreationally or competitivelyWilling to travel to practices or competitions?Competition Age/Division LevelGeneral CommentsContact PersonContact Person RelationshipContact Person emailContact Person Phone Number
Brooke Ramsay15
04/03FemaleBelleville10Skip (currently), Vice, Second, Lead
I am looking for a team that has the same goals as I do; to have fun, live a balanced life, and to play competitively. I am willing to travel within reason for practice and games.

Brooklyn Lalonde1908/99FemaleOttawa
72nd/3rd/ skip
Hailey Brittain1401/05FemaleLondon6Vice, LeadCompetitiveMaybeU15/U18I have skipped a U15 mixed team, and am now looking for a team of girls with the goal of sticking together and taking a run at some big competitions. I was recently called up to be a substitute in both the Stu Sells U18 tankard and U18 CWG trials. I am willing to travel within reason, and can put in the work on my own.Melissa
Bilal Islam1903/99MaleKingston15AnyCompetitiveYesU21Looking for a strong competitive U21 team for next year. Live in Kingston but willing to travel. Have experience at all positions and can play any position. Have a coach if necessary. Message me on Facebook, email me at, or text at 613-888-1690. Skipped at the provincial level and advanced to Ontario Winter Games Mixed 888-1690
Emily Zelenyt1612/02FemaleDundas9Vice or SkipCompetitiveYesU18Elaine 745-7123
Emerson Steffler1903/99MaleMarkham, Ontario12ViceCompetitiveYesU21I am a well-rounded competitive curler with multiple provincial titles at the U18 and U21 level. I enjoyed two seasons with Team Steep and recently gained National experience representing Ontario at the 2019 New Holland Canadian Juniors. My teammates have aged out and I have one more season of U21. I am currently networking with friends in the province to form a new team or join an existing high performance team with a serious bid to return to Nationals next season. My goal is to formulate a competitive plan with a team and then seek a great coach. I am a sport management student at Humber College and can travel for practices and competitions across the 294-1237
Nolan Ballantyne1706/03MaleOwen Sound14Lead to ViceCompetitiveYesU21I am aging out of U18 this year and have spent the last few years at vice position playing in slams, tour events and play downs in both mens and mixed.
I am looking to join a U21 team, playing on the front end most likely but comfortable playing lead to vice. I am willing to travel for games and practices. I am not attending college or university this coming fall, so I will not be tied down to post secondary commitments. If need be I also have access to a competitive coach if joining a newly formed U21 team.
Scott 377-7250
Lindsay Lovering1802/01FemaleLindsay, Ontario7AnyCompetitiveMaybeU21I am looking for a competitive U21 team that is looking to go deep into provincials and play on the OJCT. I have expierence at the OCA playdowns as well as the OJCT. I may be in Northern Ontario for school but may also be attending school in Peterborough but am willing to possibly travel depending on school.Lindsay
Nicholas Robinson2001/99MaleLondon, Ontario14Second / ViceCompetitiveYesU21I am currently looking to join or form a U21 team for next season. I normally play second or vice. I am willing to travel. Text/ call or email me if interested. and 226-234-3546Nicholas 234-3546
Marcus Senecal1809/00MaleThessalon, Ontario10N/ACompetitiveYesU21Have 10 years of curling experience, placed 4th overall for northern Ontario U18, 5 u18 provincials and 2 u21 provincialsMarcus 688-4509
Daleigha Stanyer1607/02FemaleChesley, Ontario9Skip, or vice but can play secondCompetitiveYesU18 or U21I used to have my own U18 team. We did the provincial qualifiers and the Ontario Winter Game qualifiers. I also did the Ontario Winter Games mixed double qualifiers. I had taken a year off competitive but looking at getting back into it again.Laurie 477-9253
William Henry1601/03MaleWaterloo, Ontario7Vice, Skip or SecondCompetitiveMaybeU18I am looking to join a team that will participate in Slam and/or OJCT events. Goal is to work towards qualifying and doing well in Provincials. I am a great team player who enjoys competing against and getting to know other curlers. I have been to Trillium camp and will be going again this summer. I have curled out of the Elmira Curling Club. Hoping to be on a team based out of the local area (will consider other areas). A parent is taking competitive coaching this spring if required.Bryan 569-1976
Megan Wettlaufer1603/02FemaleToronto, Ontario10Vice, but I would be willing to play any position.CompetitiveYesU18I have 2 years of competitive experience at the u18 level playing in slams, tour events, and provincial qualifiers.Michelle
Linden Imeson Jorna1710/01MaleWaterloo, Ontario9AnyCompetitiveYes U18I would like to join a very competitive men's team. This will be my final season in U18 and I want to go all out. My experience includes Mixed Provincials in 2017, qualifiers, Slams and OJCT events. I will be attending Trillium again this summer. I skipped this past season but have played all positions and am open to any. Willing to travel. Would also like to be part of mixed and doubles teams.Laurel 886-0492
Austin Looman1704/01MaleForest, Ontario8Front EndCompetitiveMaybeU21Looking for a U21 mens team for next year. I will be attending Fanshawe in the fall. Can play lead or second. You can find me on Facebook to contact me.Connie 786-8757
Daniela Aucoin1510/03FemaleBrampton, Ontario9AnyCompetitiveYesU184 years experience playing bantam/U18 events. Played vice last season but willing to play any position required for the team to be successful. Willing to travel for practice and events as required. Committed to self practicing when practicing with the team is not possible. Certified coach available if required.John 436-6913
McKenna McGovern1712/01FemaleForest, Ontario12Second, Vice, SkipCompetitiveYesU18I’m looking for a U18 women’s competitive team for my last year of U18. Seeking players with the drive and love for curling just like I do. I have been to provincials for U18 women’s in 2017, and played in the Ontario Winter Games last year. I will be attending U21 Mixed Doubles, and U18 Mixed Provincals this season. I have played all positions throughout my 12 years of competitive curling. I will be attending my first year of college in September at Niagara College. Feel free to contact me on Facebook, or by gmail:
Thank you!
Dylan Fitzsimons1701/02MaleToronto, Ontario9AnyCompetitiveYesU18I am looking for a position on a men's competitive team for my final year of U18. I am willing to play any position. This year I have skipped a men's U18 team and a mixed U18 team. I also played in a U21 mixed doubles qualifier; and have qualified for OFFSA playing vice on my high school team. I have attended Trillium Camp for three years and shall attend Trillium again this summer.Steve 767-0897
Paige Schneider1602/03FemaleBrampton, Ontario9Back EndCompetitiveYesU18I have 4 years experience in competitive curling. I have participated in Slams, Tour Events, an OWG Qualifier, the CWG Pre-Trials, and U18 Provincial Qualifiers. I'm looking to do another year in competitive. I will play whatever position is best for the team.Pearl 999-3363
Rebecca Rankin1503/03FemaleOakville, Ontario7second, but willing to play any positionCompetitiveYesU18I have been active in the Oakville junior program and played a few bonspiels. This year I played on the Boys High School Curling Team finishing with a Silver Medal in Halton. I will attend the Trillium camp this summer and am interested in joining a competitive team to play in Slams and OJCT events next season. I am available for practices between events.Kim 259-1523
Brooke Davies1704/01FemaleOshawa, Ontario10LeadCompetitiveYesU21I’m looking for a Competitive U21 team for next season. I would like to find players that are committed and love the game as much as I do. I have curled in many junior slam series with many successes as well as attended the Ontario Winter Games and the Canada Winter Games Trials and will be attending U18 mixed provincials this season. I’ve been curling for 10 years now, and been playing lead for number of years and would prefer to continue to play lead In the future. I will be attending Durham College at the start of September. Text or email if interestedHolly DaviesMotherdavieshollyj@gmail.com905-922-7623
Jonathan Veroude1904/99MaleForest, Ontario12AnyCompetitiveYesU21I am seeking a competitive U21 Men's team and a U21 mixed Doubles as well. This will be my final season of junior curling. I have played in several qualifiers and slams around Ontario. Contact me on Facebook or at 519 786 8240. 786-8240
Ryenne O’Keefe1507/03FemaleSt. Catharines, Ontario10AnyCompetitiveYesU18I am looking for a competitive U18 team for this upcoming season. Last year I skipped a U18 with great success, but I am willing to play any position required for the team to be successful. I am also willing to travel for practices and events.Anna O’ 359-7590
Isabelle Daigle1409/04FemaleOttawa, Ontario8Skip, Vice, SecondCompetitiveYesU18I would like to find a competitive U18 team that likes to have fun. I have played the OJCT and JuniorSlam circuits for 2 years. I also participated in the U18 Provincials this year.Michel 297-6394
Damian Gorman1607/02MaleToronto, Ontario10Vice or any positionCompetitiveYesU18Damian has been skip for the last2 years on the OJCT competitions. He is willing to play any positions next year .Monique 532-3129
Emily Kelly1711/01FemaleOttawa, OntarioCompetitive for 5 years, always played recreationallySecond/ThirdCompetitiveMaybeU18 GirlsLooking for a u18 team for next season. Most recently had a fun year with Team Thorne where we traveled to a few events and played lots locally. Goal is to compete at provincials and play OJCT and Slam events with three other girls who have the same goals and passion for the game as I do. I am willing to play any position that betters the team. Contact me on Facebook Messenger or 🙂Tom 600-7863
Loris Elliott1802/01MaleLambton Shores, Ontario13Front endCompetitiveYesU21I am looking for a competitive u21 team in Northern Ontario and I will be attending Sault College in the fall. I have participated in ojct and junior slam series events. Text me at 886-2454
Emily Middaugh1609/02FemaleVictoria Harbour, Ontario9Vice/SecondCompetitiveYesU18 Competitive, OWGSherry 528-3440
Elias Whittington1611/02MaleCampbellville, Ontario9 yearsLead, Second or ViceCompetitiveYesU18I am looking for a position on a competitive men's team for U18. I am willing to play any position. This year I have played at Vice and Second position. I also played in U18, U21 men's and a Mixed Provincial qualifier; and have qualified for OFSSA playing Vice on my high school team. I have attended Trillium Camp for 2 years and Russ Howard's curling camp in Moncton, NB.Marcus 571-1390
Alison Roach1505/03FemaleWinchester, Ontario8Skip, Vice, SecondCompetitiveYesU18I am looking to join a competitive team that will participate in Slam and/or OJCT events, with a goal of qualifying and playing in Provincials and having a lot of fun!Paul 601-5763
Zafreen Abdullah1405/05FemaleOttawa, Ontario5Second, Lead, ViceCompetitiveYesU18I am looking for a position on a competitive U18 team. Next season will be my third year as a competitive curler. I am willing to play Second, Lead or Vice. This year I have played vice and second. I am looking for a team who would like to play OJCT and Slam events, as well as compete at provincial qualifiers.Shahin 220-4927
Emily Rest1409/04FemaleOttawa, Ontario7 yearsVice, Skip, Lead, SecondCompetitiveYesU18I am looking for a team that would like to compete at the U18 level. I have competed at provincial qualifiers, OJCT events and junior slam series over the last three years. I am looking for a three other girls who are passionate about the game and have the same competitive goals to play at these events next year. I like playing back end, but am happy to play in a position that benefits the team and sets us up for success.Dawn 218-1387
Tyler Thompson1405/04FemaleOttawa, Ontario4Vice or leadCompetitiveYesU18I have played lead competitively for 3 years. I am hoping to vice next year but am willing to continue with lead if that is what is best for the team. I have participated in Homan camp for 2 years and will be attending Trillium this summer for the second time. I have participated in OJCT and the Junior Slam Series. I'm looking for a competitive U18 team that is driven and focussed but still enjoys the game and has a lot of fun on the ice. If you'd like to contact me my email is 🙂Cleo 422-8862

Teams Looking for Players or Coaches

Contact Person for TeamOur team is seeking (Lead, Second, Third, Skip, Coach)We are looking for a (M/F)Competition Competition Age/DisciplineCompetitive/Recreational?Describe what your team is looking for?Email of Team Contact PersonPhone Number of Team Contact Person
Carlo De VitoCoachU18CompetitiveWe have a team (of 3 right now) of young boys who are looking to play a full competitive U18 schedule this next year. The boys are planning to play in the Oakville summer league, as many OJCT events as we can and other competitive bonspiels as well as CWG and provincial qualifying. 2 of the boys have experience in CWG and U18 qualifying this past year (Team Bromberg) as well as subbing in other events. We are looking for a coach who can build them as a team through practices and events with the goal of being competitive at the provincial level in the next two years. These boys get along very well, are coachable, and technically pretty strong. They need a coach willing to take them to the next level. (We are also looking for a lead to fill out the team) 978-0635
Nicholas RobinsonLead
MaleU21CompetitiveThis year I and a fellow curler are looking to join/ form a team with 2 other U21 athletes. We are looking at approximately 6-8 events and playdowns. Finding a coach is also not a problem as we have one who is interested. Travelling will also not be an issue. If you are interested, please text 226-234-3546 or email 234-3546
Shawn CroisierThirdFemaleU18CompetitiveTeam Croisier is looking to add an additional member for our 2019/20 U18 team. Three members of our existing team will be U18 age next year (front end and skip) and will be looking to continue to compete at a high level. Our current plan is for our 2018/2019 team to compete in U21 events and bring in a 5th player next year that is U18 aged to compete in OWG playdowns and U18 playdowns. Our new team member must either be a resident of Northern Ontario, be willing to move to Northern Ontario or attend a post secondary school in Northern Ontario. Preference will be given to athletes living in the City of Sudbury. For more information about Team Croisier and our accomplishments please refer to our Facebook 665-4467
Jim MallettThird
FemaleU18CompetitiveWe played last season under Team Gierling. Our skip has aged out and will be attending University out of province next year. We are seeking a dedicated, experienced back end player to join us. This will be our last year as U18. We intend to play OJCT and Junior Slam events (2 per month) with our ultimate goal being to reach 897-0944
Steve MacDougallMaleMaleU15CompetitiveWe're a team of 4 U15 boys out of the Oakville Curling Club looking for a 5th player to practice with the team and spare as needed in either the TCA Interclub or Goldline league (if it returns), plus as many bonspiels or U15 Slams we can fit in, the Oakville summer youth league, and the U15 Callenge Cup.

Preferrably we'd want someone with a birthday after June 30th 2005 to match most of the other boys. For the 19/20 season the commitment would be as above, but could increase in 20/21 since we have one boy who will turn U18 and we want to continue going to U15 events. 331-0987
craig withycombeSecond
FemaleU21CompetitiveLooking for an under 21 player for next year to join the 2018 and 2019 provincial jr. ladies champions. We want to make a run at the national championship and also planning to make a run at the provincial ladies (Scotties). Must be able to move to St. Johns Newfoundland. Great for a curler wanting to do university or college. Have been accepted into a few next year spiels 685-1093

Coaches Looking for Teams

First NameLast NameGenderHometownNumber of Years CoachingHighest Level of Coach NCCP TrainingRecreational or Competitive Team?Willing to travel to practices and Competitions?Desired Competition Age Division/LevelCoach EmailCoach PhoneGeneral Comments 407-7305What I may lack in experience in coaching, I make up for in experience in teaching. I've been teaching since 2000, and curling since 2017. I'm willing to help out established teams looking for consistency; diagnose delivery issues; discuss team dynamics, order of play, and communication; and help develop skipping skills.