Mixed Doubles: 2018 and Beyond Program

The Ontario Curling Council (OCC), and its member associations, the Northern Ontario Curling Association (NOCA) and the Ontario Curling Association (OCA), are pleased to announce the Mixed Doubles Program for 2018 and beyond..

Background:  The Ontario Curling Council has been working very closely with our performance partners, the OCA, NOCA, Curling Canada, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (MTCS) for the Province of Ontario, and the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario (CSIO), to develop a High Performance (HP) plan for mixed doubles for the Province of Ontario.

The Mixed Doubles Program is the second phase of our overall high performance program.

About the Mixed Doubles Program – 2018 and Beyond

The goal of the Mixed Doubles Program is to put as many Ontario-based athletes in the 2017 Mixed Doubles Olympic Trials, to provide those teams the best opportunity to win, and to create a pool of athletes who will compete for future World and Olympic Mixed Doubles titles.

The Mixed Doubles Program has been created to help establish talent identification and training protocols for mixed doubles, and to provide Ontario-based Mixed Doubles teams an opportunity to accelerate their talent development.  We are endeavoring to create a national best-practice program for athletes in the Training to Compete and Training to Win stages of development.

Opportunities within the Program

Teams to be placed in the Mixed Doubles Program will be identified through various camps held across Ontario, using a combination of skill-based testing and game performance to continue in the “Mixed Doubles – Get Ready for Provincials Program”. These teams must agree to play in either OCA or NOCA Mixed Doubles provincial playdowns. If they cannot commit to playing in the Mixed Doubles provincials, their spot in the “Get Ready for Provincials Program” will go to the next best team.

The “Mixed Doubles – Get Ready for Provincials Program” will include two technical training sessions per team, with an assigned provincial coach, prior to Mixed Doubles provincials in the respective Ontario curling associations.
To participate, all athletes must sign an Ontario Curling Council waiver form.


All inquiries and applications should be sent to Jennifer Ferris at jennifer@ontcurl.com or by telephone at +1(289)-527-0352.